Monday, August 1, 2016

August - Winter Gardening

Sarah’s Melbourne Kitchen Garden


Things to do in August

Weeding – Winter is a great time to get those weeds under control.  Remember to pull them out by the roots rather than just take the leaves off the top.

Cleaning out your shed – Time to sharpen those tools, check the expiry dates of seeds, and do a general stock take of fertilisers and additives.

If you haven’t already done so, prune the fruit trees and other dormant trees and shrubs.

Check your fencing, gardening edging and paving. Best to do any heavy manual work while the weather is cool.

Sow & Grow

Sow: Salad veg, Asian greens, hebrs, parsley, onions, broad beans
Plant seedlings: Broccoli, Cabbage, salad greens, herbs
Plant trees/fruit: Citrus, stone fruit, apples, berries.  

Harvest now

Salad greens

Fertilisers – Manure

Manure makes a great fertiliser. It is natural, breaks down well, and helps to condition your soil by adding nutrients and assisting with water storage.

When using manure, dig it into your garden, with a garden fork, as soon as you can as manure loses its nutrients if it is left sitting.

The three most common types of garden manure are: Cow, Horse and Chook. For more information on manure for the garden, download our handy fact sheet: Manure Fact Sheet  
Tips – Growing Mint

Mint is difficult to grow from seed, but easy to grow from seedling, or cutting. Mint grows well in a pot and can be grown on balconies and indoors. It has a lot of weed-like properties and will quickly take over garden beds and lawns of planted directly into the ground – consider yourself warned. If you want to try and control it, consider planting it in a pot, into the ground.

Mint like warm, moist, loose soil. Mint seems to grow happily enough in either full sun or shade, provided it has sufficient water. Plant seedlings about 15cm apart (they will spread to fill the gaps). I wouldn’t waste time and resources fertilising them, but use your best judgment. 
For more information on growing mint download the Fact Sheet: Mint Fact Sheet