Monday, October 28, 2013

More cold weather

After working hard to get my Summer crops started, I left them for a week (well I went to work and let the rain water them).  So this weekend I eagerly went out into the garden to see how they were doing.  A nasty week of cold, winter like weather and rain, meant that a grand total of nothing had happened.  At least they didn't whither and die I guess.  It looks like we will not see warm weather for the rest of the week.  Better come soon, or I won't see any tomatoes until March :).

Saturday, October 19, 2013


A number of folk have asked me if I have noticed a reduction in the number of bees visiting my garden. My answer - not in my garden. Bees are essential as they cross pollinate flowers, vital for the formation of fruits. I have loads of the big fat yellow bees, some of the smaller orange bees, and a few of the little black native bees.

Want to encourage more bees to visit? Grow flowering plants like lavender, rosemary, borage (yes this can be a pest - see herbs page), pineapple sage, let lettuces go to seed occasionally, and pop in so e native like bottlebrush if you can.

If you are interested in bees go to the directory page and follow the link to the book by Erik Berrevoets "The Wisdom of Bees".

Happy gardening


Photo: Borage

Planting Summer crops

Well enough mooning about holidays and formal gardens, it is time to get to the business end of the season once more.  

This weekend I am planting my tomato seedlings (I bought these from the Diggers Club - mail order - rather than grow from seed as I didn't have time this year), sewing the zucchini seeds, and planting the eggplant. I am putting these in pots this year, I always wind up a little short of space widen the zucchini takes off, and I have bought four eggplant seedlings this year and my need to one or two away. I had to get more of those wonderful purple and white stripe variety again - they were very popular among family and friends last year.  I am also going. To try my hand at corn this year.  I would have never grown corn in Queensland as it is one of those plants which looks like it would make a nice home for snakes and spiders, but time to get over that. I also hope to oil the deck and deck furniture - provided laziness doesn't set in. 

Have fun gardening - looks like good weather in Melbourne this weekend.

More soon


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Other Gardens - part 3

The photos below are two of many I took in St. James' Park, London.  It is a beautiful park and there are many open areas with colourful deck chairs placed around for people to use.

On the home front, which seems to be rather "low rent" in comparison to the grandeur of the gardens I have so recently seen, progress is slow.  I am putting in a minimum 30 mins a day to set the trellises, cut back the rather wild creepers, pull those unrelenting weeds, and fertilise and water in preparation for summer.  

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Other Gardens - Part 2

The next set of photos are from Hyde Park in London.  These are from "The Italian Gardens".

Still working on getting my garden up to scratch.  Loads of weeding, pruning, cleaning and clearing.  And loads more to do.