Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cat update

Just when we thought that the property ownership had been won by the black and white dinner suit cats (older, thinner one with red collar gets the front yard and car, and the fatter fluffier, younger one with the blue collar gets the back yard) a new contender hits the scene.  And it is a monster - a huge white, short hair with a cute little blue bell (far to small for a cat the size of a small dog - like beagle small).

The garden is doing well (despite the cat activity) and the winter bulbs are starting to bloom.  The broccoli is coming on and should be ready for picking in two weeks.  The herbs are doing well and the mint has gone crazy.  I will be making a big batch of mint sauce shortly - watch for the recipe on the "herbs" page.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A wet weekend

It has been raining bucket loads today (and yesterday, and it looks like it is going to keep on raining until next weekend).  So no gardening or fence painting this weekend.  The rain is giving the ground a really good soaking and this should help establish the new plants I put in last week.  The rain is also keeping cat visits to a fleeting check for dry places to sit. Hopefully I will have some more exciting news next week.  Sarah

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A busy weekend

I have spent a little time this weekend planting and tidying.  I have planted a climbing rose in the front garden and have a planted a peach tree around the back. The winter bulbs have just started flowering so there are a couple of lovely looking bells on the snow drops, also the early Spring bulbs are starting to poke through the dirt. The garden is starting to look less bare but I need to get cracking so that it is all tidy for Spring.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Frosty Mornings

We are getting some hard frosts here in Melbourne this season.  The frozen white coating on all of the grass and plants looks lovely, but it is not great for the plants and can really damage the fruit and veg.  Ideally you could cover your plants , but with the necessity of full sun, covering and up-covering our plants is not practical.  So why is frost bad for your plants?  Well the ice on the surface is from water drawn from the plant.  Some of the water is returned when the frost melts, but not all of it.  The frost process is slowing drying out your plants.  Try and water the plants early in the morning so that you get moisture back into the garden.  Early morning no good - then water when ever you can.