Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas is coming and the deck is still not oiled

Apples galore!

The clock is ticking and Christmas is way to close for my liking.  I still haven't managed to oil the deck and the furniture, lay the paving stones and bricks, or put down some more bark.  The weeds seem well under control but I think that this is because of the recent dry weather rather than my diligence.  Some of the plants are going wild - the parsley seems to be going to seed, the nastrusums seem to be taking over every bed and path and the berries are starting to get out of hand.  I am very pleased to announce that there are loads of apples on the go and the strawberries and raspberries are putting in an early appearance. My lemon tree is looking rather unwell, and I can't seem to get enough moisture into the hydranga - I will try and think of something but now is a bad time to transplant either.  A lot of work to do and very few weekends to do it in.   

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Typical Melbourne weather

It was pouring rain this morning and by mid day it was sunny and cool.  Go figure.  But this is typical November Melbourne weather.  I am desperately trying to find a fine weekend in which to oil my deck and deck furniture before Christmas.  It will happen - if you have been following my blog since the start you will know that this "deck oil" panic is a feature of every year.  I like to have the garden looking perfect for Christmas, but as my dear partner says to me, everyone else sees the lovely flowers, the great spaces, and cute touches, only I see everything which isn't finished, a bit scrubby and a bit weedy.  So the message is to enjoy your garden, no matter what state it is in!  See you next week, Sarah

Saturday, November 10, 2012

On going mixed weather

With the Cup day holiday this week I have had a short working week - the four day weekend really suits me and is certainly something to aim for.  I have done a little more work on the paving, and have been frantically planting pansies and begonias to make up for my lack of Summer floral planning.  We have had loads of rain, but the temperature has been going up and down 10 degrees from one day to the next.  I am still a little worried about the Summer seedlings (tomatoes, zucchini and egg plant) but hopefully they will all pull through.  Better get back to it.  Sarah

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Melbourne Cup Weekend Gardening

We have had some lovely weather this week, and the bonus warm weather has really perked up the fruit an veg growth.  There have been some colder days, but over all a positive week.  I have been able to do a reasonable amount in the garden and have progressed work on the paving and paths, and I am even winning the "war on weeds" in some areas of the garden.  I have some amazing flowers at the moment (check photo) but I have no idea what they are.  I received some bonus seeds from the Diggers' Club and just chucked them into the garden.  I will go through my catalogue collection and work out what they are.  Anyway, as a result of my "surprise" flowers and general lack of planning in terms of the flower part of the garden, I thought that I had better make a resolution to plan out the seasons a little better next year.  I usually get late Winter and Spring right, thanks to the wonderful displays and suggestions for Spring bulbs at the Melbourne Garden Show, and I usually get sweet peas through late Summer and Autumn, but everything else is pot luck.  To make up for my lack of planning I have rushed in a bunch of marigolds and petunias, just so that my Summer flowers won't consist only of salvia (my pineapple sage is growing so veraciously that I regret not buying a topiary frame and shaping into a baby elephant or something cute and imaginative - at the moment it is looking like an ever expanding Cousin It). Better get back out into the garden. Sarah