Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crazy Weather

This week has been another strange week weather wise – warm one minute, cold the next, calm, windy, raining, the only thing that it hasn’t been is extremely hot.  I have become very worried about my tomato seedlings, they are looking a little yellow, and it isn’t from a lack of soil care, nutrients or water.  I received a very nice email from the Diggers Club (two in fact), indicating that their seedlings weren’t ready for dispatch as they were having a tough time achieving suitable growth in the fluctuating weather conditions – I was rather relived as it meant that my apparent garden failures are shared, and the fault of the environment, rather than a result of any neglect or lack of skill on my part – at least that is my story and I am sticking to it.  The relative lack of success is in the veg department only as the flowers and weeds are going gang busters.  Anyway I guess the point of this is that if your fruit and veg are a bit off colour at the moment, it may not be you.  Apparently the odd weather is affected most parts of Australia so we all have an excuse for a less than super successful October in the garden.  More next week.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Loads of work to do

We have had a lovely day today, and the warm weather has inspired me to get cracking on the garden work.  I went to the local nursery, got a few more pavers, some petunias to perk up the summer colour, and some ground cover plants for the side garden area.  Still fighting a losing battle with the weeds - a few hours on the weekend just isn;t enough time to make a real difference - very close to poisoning the suckers.  Tomorrow I am going to give everything a feed of Seasol, clear some weeds and keep it all moving.
More soon.  Sarah

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A really cold week

Well after a really cold week I am looking forward to a nice warm Sunday and week ahead - and so are the weeds.  I have managed to do a little work on the paths, a little weeding and have pulled in some more beets, cos lettuce, and peas. Daylight savings always brings extra opportunity to do a little garden work every day and that is what I am hoping to do.  It will make a real difference in terms of keeping the weed population down.  Sarah

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A rainy start to October

As the title of the post suggests, it has been pretty much raining all weekend - so no garden work for me, aside from picking some lettuce and peas.

Blog wise, I am in the process of tidying up some of the pages, expanding a few areas and making some minor changes.  I have added more flower pictures to my flower page and have decided to put them into "seasonal sets".

It looks like next weekend will be fine and sunny so I am hoping to get in lots of weeding, paving and general garden maintenance. Until next time.  Sarah.