Saturday, November 26, 2011

Still more rain

Some must think that I am just copying the previous week's post and re-entering it!  After a relatively dry week we have had solid rain all day.  Fantastic for the garden but it does mean that I lose a day of my weekend.  I am hoping to get the garden in top shape for our Christmas BBQ lunch on the 17th - fingers crossed for at least a few clear days before then. I hope that other places in the country get some decent rain soon.  There have been dreadful bushfires in WA and my friend from Brisbane says that it has barely rained all month - certainly don't want the return of drought conditions this soon. Anyway back to looking at the window.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Post rain growth

Apples developing

Well the rain has barely let up, which has been great for the plants I want and really great for the weeds.  On the plus side, the tomatoes are doing brilliantly and the Romas are already starting to fruit, the lettuce/greens will be ready to start picking within the week, the blue berry has tripled in size, the raspberry has behaved itself and remained the same, and the zucchinis are now well established. Also the apples are forming nicely.  When they are ready to pick I will add a section to the fruit and veg page showing the stages of development.  I also finally got around to pulling up the garlic and potatoes - I will have a glut of these things until after the New Year (still worse things to have a glut of).  Hopefully I will get some more landscaping down next weekend.  

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Roma Tomatoes

Saturday, November 12, 2011


 Well we are another week closer to the end of the year and the variable Spring weather has seen a range of wind, rain and plenty of sunshine.  Needless to say everything is growing faster than I can keep up with.  The tomatoes (cherry tomatoes) are showing early growth and the apples are forming happily on the branches.  With any luck I can get to work on the decking area in front of the shed (needs digging out an inch or two and then leveling out so that I can put down the wood), and have some time to move some of those annoying weeds from near the deck.
More next week

Sunday, November 6, 2011

November activity

I can't believe that we are this close to Christmas already!  I still have so much to do in the yard.  Things have certainly progressed significantly from this time last year but there is always more to do.  The summer veg is coming on and I even have some cherry tomatoes showing coming on.  Before I know it there will be tomatoes, basil, zucchini, eggplant and raspberries in abundance.