Saturday, July 21, 2018

Pruning Fruit Trees

I find it really hard to get motivated to go out into the garden on these cold winter days. In Melbourne (at the moment) we are lucky if the temperature reaches 12 degrees celsius (with a 'feels like' temperature of about 7). But I need to get out into the garden regardless, and attend to various tasks like repairing trellises, painting the fence, weeding, and most importantly, pruning my fruit trees, roses and vines. Pruning is essential for keeping your plants under control (size and shape), clearing excess foliage from the centre of the plant (to allow for air circulation), and to encourage new growth in the spring. I've attached a promo "how to" poster for those just starting out. Good luck with your ventures!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Book for this blog due out soon!

"Gardening for Beginners: Hints and Tips for Melbourne Australia" by Sarah Jackson

So you want to start a garden? No idea where to start? Then this may be the guide for you. "Gardening for Beginners" is a handy reference book with basic hints and tips for the new gardener. It contains no fancy terms, no superior expertise, just honest advice from someone just like you. There are sections on what tools to buy, growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers, dealing with pests, and working out which fertilisers are best for you.
It is written for a cool climate, but the advice is useful anywhere. The book is based on the quirky and informative blog Sarah's Melbourne Kitchen Garden.

Anticipated release date: 1 September 2018